NFG as you’ve never seen him before!

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Nearly a two decades ago, a small band of game enthusiasts from around the world banded together to produce a magazine. It included the ex-editor of Diehard GameFan, the owner of a video game import company, a handful of serious game players from around the globe, and for some reason, me.

Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante was contracted to produce visual personas for the writers. Mine never got past the draft stage, and I’m not convinced it really looks like me. I think the artist was given only “Big, bald, tall” to work from.

The magazine was canceled before the second issue was printed, and my character was never used.

I found it the other day, and coloured it up a bit to make it more spiffy. Here, for your enjoyment, is neogeoman, aka NFG:

That’s an !Arcade Neo Geo cartridge adaptor around my neck, and the little guy on my shoulder is SNK’s one-time mascot (of sorts), G-Mantle. Most of you should recognize the tattoo.

[ May 29 2020 ]

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