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[ Feb 3 2024 ]

Updated: Sega Arcade Wiring Pinouts Page

I updated the GameSX Sega arcade pinouts page, adding the 3-pin coin input connector on Naomi and Net City cabs.

[ Jan 8 2024 ]

KEIKOU Control Panel

I bought a New Astro City cabinet that needed a lot of work on the control panel. I stripped it down, got the rust off, primed and painted it, then added a custom dark overlay and installed Seimitsu’s KEIKOU (fluorescent) buttons and Bulett knobs. It’s hard to photograph but it looks gorgeous in person.

[ Jan 2 2024 ]

3D Printing: Credit buttons for arcade cabs

I recently picked up a 3D printer, after borrowing one for a few days and having a great time with with it. My second project is a pair of coin input mechanisms for SNK and Sega arcade cabinets.

[ May 31 2020 ]

Review: Astro Boy [GBA]

In every young robot’s life there comes a time when he must venture forth on a journey of self discovery and tumultuous kickass. This GBA game from Sega and Treasure is such a time.

[ Apr 19 2017 ]

Wonder Boy – A Sprite History

There are six Wonder Boy games. There are two number threes. There is no number two, four, or six. …And it gets a little weird from there. What started as a fairly solid skateboard simulator (with a fruit-gathering side-quest) became a platform action-RPG, a shooter, and… Many other things.

[ Mar 21 2015 ]

Resurrecting the Dreamcast with GDEMU

The Dreamcast has long been one of my top-5 consoles, and the GDEMU is an amazing multi-game loader that makes the Dreamcast even more awesome.

[ Apr 5 2013 ]

WonderBoy Sprite History

This is one of a series of articles about sprite histories (see: Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Bonk, and MegaMan). There’s an updated version of this page right here!

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

Ten Years Ago: Cool Cool Toon

From the archives, a review of what might be fallen-giant SNK’s last attempt at something almost entirely original (ignoring for a moment it was a rhythm game with a style that looks very familiar…). Cool Cool Toon was a Dreamcast game that did everything right and still managed to suck.

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[ Jan 9 2007 ]

Sega 7-disc Hotel Saturn

This one seems to have been lost, I don’t know why but no links were found to the page from … well, anywhere! So here’s an oldie but a goodie: The Sun-Seibu Hotel Saturn 7-game changer!!

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[ Nov 2 2006 ]

Some slightly more up to date arcade news

Afterburner Climax (which is either Sega’s new arcade game or a jet powered vibrator) is currently on public location test in Club Sega Shinjuku in Japan until the 12th Feb. If you can make it there it’s probably worth a look on the off chance it’s not an arcade game. According to the ever elusive […]

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