3D Printing: Credit buttons for arcade cabs

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I recently picked up a 3D printer, after borrowing one for a few days and having a great time with with it. My first project was a pair of joystick mounting adaptors for Sega and SNK cabinets.

UPDATE: Sega Naomi / Net City version added!

My second project is a pair of coin input mechanisms for the same cabinets. These are designed to use the existing coin reject mechanism, which is essentially a spring-loaded shaft that pushes against the coin mechanism, allowing stuck coins to fall out. Now, it also presses a microswitch that’s tied to the main coin switch, so you can just press the reject shaft and ring up a credit.

This is a more elegant way to enter a credit than flicking the coin input switch manually, or adding a new switch somewhere on the cab with all the hole-drilling and wiring that entails. The switch in this case was pulled from an old, worn-out Seimitsu LS-40 joystick. Just about any similar switch should do the trick. The printed thingy allows the switch to be pressed into place, and held with two clips and no additional hardware.

Here’s the Sega New Astro City version (never mind that it says SNK):

It attaches to two existing screws, and doesn’t affect the functionality of the coin door in any way.

And here’s the SNK Super Neo 29 Candy version, which attaches directly to the coin door, held in place by the reject mechanism itself.

I’ll add the STL files to this post as soon as I finish a bit more testing.

Here’s the ZIP with both .STL files: SegaSNK_Coin_Rejects

Sega Naomi

I just finished a version for the Naomi Universal / Net City series of cabinets. It doesn’t take the existing coin mech into consideration – on my cabinet that mech has long been removed.

Download: Naomi_Coin STL (ZIP file)

[ Jan 2 2024 ]

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