[ Jun 21 2024 ]

Rediscovering: Old joysticks

In 2024, joystick maker Seimitsu’s catalogue starts at part number LS-32. In the 80s, they made a rotating ‘loop lever’ joystick, used in SNK’s Ikari Warriors arcade games, which was the LS-30. But I recently found a joystick that has a lower part number than that, and it doesn’t seem like it exists on the internet. Which is interesting!

[ Jan 2 2024 ]

3D Printing: Credit buttons for arcade cabs

I recently picked up a 3D printer, after borrowing one for a few days and having a great time with with it. My second project is a pair of coin input mechanisms for SNK and Sega arcade cabinets.

[ Feb 29 2016 ]

SNK Neo Geo CD Pad Review

The SNK Neo Geo CD pad is amazing to hold and fondle, but in use it’s got significant flaws.

[ Feb 21 2013 ]

The Case of the Missing Neo Geo Pocket Thingy

When the Neo Geo Pocket system came out SNK released two games that were almost completely unsuited to the silly little thumb-stick it used for primary input: Crush Roller and Pac Man. These two games included a little plastic ring that prevented the user from hitting any diagonals, because the wobbly little stick made playing […]

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

Ten Years Ago: Cool Cool Toon

From the archives, a review of what might be fallen-giant SNK’s last attempt at something almost entirely original (ignoring for a moment it was a rhythm game with a style that looks very familiar…). Cool Cool Toon was a Dreamcast game that did everything right and still managed to suck.

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[ Aug 1 2006 ]

It looks a little odd.

This is a screenshot from Art of Fighting 2, a decent little brawler from SNK for their now-venerable Neo Geo system. The screenshot has been enhanced to isolate the characters, but has not been otherwise modified. The two characters are brother and sister, the story goes. In this screenshot I can’t help but project some […]

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[ Nov 3 2004 ]

Vintage SNK ads

I’ve recently capped and put online four vintage SNK ads. These are capped directly from LaserDisc and should be very agreeable quality. First up a Samurai Shodown 30-sec ad, two 30-sec Fatal Fury 2 spots, and a five minute Fatal Fury 3 promo video: Samurai ShodownFatal Fury 2 1Fatal Fury 2 2Fatal Fury 3 Promo […]

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[ Apr 7 2003 ]

Neo Geo RGB/Composite Revisions

SNK tweaked the console over the life of the system. No surprise there, gotta keep things moving or you die, right? Well, many in the Neo community didn’t want you to know what changed, when, and how. One secret email to me later, along with a chart and some clues, and… Well, have a look.

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[ Jan 8 2003 ]

Neo Geo Video System Detailed

I’ve made a comprehensive list of differences between old and new Neo Geo cartridge hardware. Please have a look. Warning: Technical!