[ Mar 3 2013 ]

Nichijou – Utter Insanity

As mentioned previously I’ve been ill, and spending a lot of time watching things I normally wouldn’t have time for. Like Youtube. It’s there that I stumbled across an AMV (go watch it, I’ll wait) that mixes one of my favourite songs with scenes from what appeared to be the most insane anime I’ve ever […]

[ Mar 3 2013 ]

Tron Uprising

I’ve been sick with the flu, and when I’m not regretting being born, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Downloading it, mostly, ’cause most of what’s on the actual TV is pretty amazingly bad. While scouring the ol’ HDD, I found a few old Tron Uprising vids and fed them into the queue. I’d […]

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[ Dec 2 2006 ]

CRTs vs Flat Panels

Talking about CRTs and LCD screens, for some reason.