Tecmo sues game hackers

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According to several sites, The US arm of Tecmo has sued a group of game hackers for, essentially, making nude codes. Tecmo has sued people for playing with games they legally own in a way Tecmo doesn’t approve of.

This is ludicrous. The Register has more.

In a surprisingly coincidental move, Taiwan’s Foam Max Enterprises has launched a suit against a group of ‘ball hackers’ who bounce their rubber balls the wrong way.

A representative of Foam Max Enterprises told reporters “These kids are abusing the product we poured dozens of dollars into. Parents will see these hackers [and here the FME rep spit onto the floor] employing this ‘English’ and assume our balls always bounce backwards when thrown.

“What’s worse is these kids have a website where they show other kids how to twist their wrists when throwing the ball, encouraging them to play in ways we never intended. The DMCA clearly prohibits this kind of tampering, and we will persecute anyone who dares play with our products in a way we don’t like.”

[ Oct 2 2005 ]

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