Turkey Censors the world!

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I’m sure Turkish authorities wish they could control the whole internet.  A lot of countries do, ’cause let’s face it, the internet is chock full of embarrassing shit, and that can’t be allowed, right?
Turkey actually emailed me to let me know, in somewhat uncertain terms, that this article breached their internet law 5651 which covers the internet.
All of the internet, it seems.  I don’t live in Turkey, the site isn’t hosted in Turkey, none of my content is written in Turkish, nor does it discuss Turkey or have any damned thing to do with Turkey.
So yeah! I”m sort of amused. Their letter is below, in Turkish, followed by their English translation. The Google translation is somewhat different, and I have included it last.

Sayın Yetkili,
Bilindiği üzere, 04/05/2007 tarihli ve 5651 sayılı İnternet Ortamında Yapılan Yayınların Düzenlenmesi ve Bu Yayınlar Yoluyla İşlenen Suçlarla Mücadele Edilmesi Hakkında Kanun 23/05/2007 tarihinde yürürlüğe girmiştir.
Başkanlığımızın Bilgi İhbar Merkezine aşağıda yer verilen alan adı/ URL adresi ile ilgili ihbar/ihbarlar gönderilmiştir. Bu e-posta ile şikayete konu İnternet adresi Başkanlıkça detaylı bir inceleme yapılmadan tarafınıza bildirilmektedir. Şikâyete konu içeriğin tarafınızca çıkartılması veya engellenmesi doğrudan talep edilmemektedir. Bildirilen ihbara konu olan içeriğin öncelikle tarafınızca incelenerek 5651 sayılı Kanundaki sorumluluklarınız kapsamında ÖZDENETİM usulü ile sonuçlandırılması hususunda gereğini rica ederim.
Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu
Telekomünikasyon İletişim Başkanlığı

Not: Başkanlığımızca bildirimlerin yapılabilmesi için iletişim bilgilerinizin ( e-posta, telefon, adres) gönderilmesini rica ederim.
Daha fazla bilgi için, ve İnternet adreslerini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

İlgili URL:
İlgili alanadı:

Dear Sir/Madam,
As it is known law no: 5651 relevant to Regulating broadcasts on the internet and struggling against crimes committed on this platform dated 04/05/2007 came into force in 23/05/2007.
Our presidency’s hotline received several reports connected to domain name/URL address written below. The aim of this e-mail is to predict you before our presidency starts to detailed examination. It is not requested to remove or block directly the content subjected to the reports.
It is respectfully submitted to examine the content subjected to the declared report in scope of your responsibilities in law no: 5651 according to self-regulatory procedures.


P.S: We kindly ask your contact information in order to notify you by our presidency.
For further information you can also visit and .
Related URL:
Related domain:

————– Please include the below line in your reply —————–
[URLID:693522]: [REFID:870667]:

Google Translation:
As is known, No. 5651, dated 04.05.2007 Regulation of Internet Publications and Combating Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications Law entered into force on 05.23.2007.
Presidency Information Warning Center issued the following domain name / URL address on the notice / notices sent. This e-mail with the subject of the complaint without a detailed examination of the Presidency informed of an Internet address. Is requested by you directly to the offending content removed or blocked. The reported content is subject to notice obligations under the Law of 5651 primarily examined by you with the conclusion regarding the need for self-control procedure, you’re welcome.
Information and Communication Technologies Authority
Telecommunications Communication Presidency

Note: In order to notifications by Office contact information (e-mail, phone, address) if you could send.
For more information, please visit and ​​Internet addresses.

Related URL:
Related FieldName:

[ Jan 13 2013 ]



Jan 18 2013

I sent them this reply:

Good afternoon.

I would like to inform you that someone is sending out silly warnings using Turkey’s good name, in an attempt to stifle conversation around the world. I am sure this message is not legitimate because it is quite obviously absurd for Turkish law to apply to websites in other countries.

You may want to track down the offenders and remind them that Turkish law is only for the good people of Turkey.



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