[ Jan 24 2024 ]

Quickie: Fixing Memory Card Corrupted by Balena Etcher

Recently my camera’s memory card was corrupted by Balena Etcher – an oft-recommended Windows app to write images to USB drives. Here’s how I fixed it with diskpart.

[ Jan 11 2024 ]

3D Printing: Replacement Hinge for Hori Joystick

Hori makes some amazing joysticks, but the convenience of a storage compartment in some of them is marred by the their fragility. I whipped up a tiny device that replaces the outside hinge post of a Hori RAP V stick.

[ Jan 8 2024 ]

KEIKOU Control Panel

I bought a New Astro City cabinet that needed a lot of work on the control panel. I stripped it down, got the rust off, primed and painted it, then added a custom dark overlay and installed Seimitsu’s KEIKOU (fluorescent) buttons and Bulett knobs. It’s hard to photograph but it looks gorgeous in person.

[ Apr 18 2013 ]

Australia, lol

Australia bickers over the internet. 25 megabits, or 100 megabits? Meanwhile Japan is rolling out 2 gigabit – 20x faster than Australia’s biggest dream.

placeholder image
[ Jan 27 2004 ]

New word!

I coined a new word today: Uglygons, n. Used to describe the primary 3D components that make up beloved 2D game characters or items when they’re re-released on a new generation of hardware. For examples, see any Bomberman or PS2 Sega Ages remake. Usage: They remade the game with uglygons instead of sprites.