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While Australia fights over 25 or 100mbit internet, Japan casually starts rolling out 2gbit. #lol #cry

This utter failure is all too common in the West, where the infrastructure players refuse to compete with each other, instead drawing lines in the (sometimes virtual) sand and staying off each others’ turf. I suppose this is why they’re so terrified of China – it signals an end to their ability to do nothing and reap the rewards.

Oh, but Australia/America/Canada is such a biiiiiig plaaaace, the same rules don’t apply!

Bullshit. If we can lay highways and trains across entire continents, surely we can string a fucking wire. We should be led by dreamers, not accountants. Aim high, fail occasionally, but keep moving for fuck’s sake! 25% of Japan’s houses are connected to 100mbit fibre already. They hooked it up to my house in Japan over a decade ago. A decade! And Australia’s wannabe politicians are trying to tell us 25mbit is enough.

Fuck you. All of you. You call this leading a country? To where, the history books? Fuck you.

If we aren’t willing to try, we deserve to fail.

[ Apr 18 2013 ]

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