[ Apr 5 2018 ]

Importing Illegal Firearms

A friend sent me a toy pistol, and Australian customs was unimpressed. This spring-loaded toy was, apparently, a legitimate firearm and fuck no I couldn’t have it.

[ Apr 18 2013 ]

Australia, lol

Australia bickers over the internet. 25 megabits, or 100 megabits? Meanwhile Japan is rolling out 2 gigabit – 20x faster than Australia’s biggest dream.

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

Giant Beetles Ahoy

When I lived in Japan I was introduced to the local beetles, giant rhinoceros and stag beetles like we never, ever saw in Canada. They’re awesome, and I was delighted to find they existed in Australia. Every christmas they emerge from the ground and fly towards the brightest lights in search of mates. They’re a […]

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[ Aug 25 2006 ]

Australia rocks.

I’ve been abused in the past for hating on Australia. I’d like to take this moment to write some positive words about this country. Specifically, I’d like to talk about Australia’s super-happy protective gun laws. Let’s start with the backstory. Nolan sent me an airsoft gun from Korea. Customs in Australia seized it and sent […]

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[ Jan 14 2006 ]

A momentous evening.

It’s been an interesting night. First I found a microscopic baby gecko in the kitchen. After chasing him around for a while, I coerced him onto my hand. Then I had a nasty, nasty shock. Witness The Lurking Horror!! He’s missing a leg. After hosing him down with enough poison to gas a moose he […]

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[ Jan 6 2006 ]

Plenty of changes around here.

Things are happening. Things are always happening, of course, but lately they’re happening a lot. First, the big news: I got paid for the book. More on that soon. With the money I’ve paid off most of my car loan, and I’ve earmarked a couple of dollars for some new toys. My love of photography […]

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[ Jul 4 2005 ]

Moving sucks (continued…) – So yeah, it doth suxx0r

We’re still in the process of preparing for the move and things are progressing apace. Today Off House (part of the network of stores that includes Hard Off, Book Off and others) is coming to check out our Fridge, Dryer, Kotatsu (A coffee-table-alike with a heater underneath it for warming the legs in winter), bookshelf […]

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[ May 31 2005 ]

Australia, again.

So here we are, living in Australia. I’m working at my dad’s office. Currently I’m putting together web templates for his customers to select from, in order to minimize the design work we have to do. Typically this work is never ending, with tweaks and adjustments and misunderstandings stretching on for months, and I aim […]