Zen Pinball Review: Tesla

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OK, so this review will be very short, ’cause I’ve got half an hour’s play time on this table, and I still have yet to start a lit round. It’s been 100% random ball flipping so far, without any special rounds being activated. What do I have to do, you guys?

First impressions are solid. If there’s one thing Zen knows how to do, it’s theme a table coherently. This is pinball for steampunks. Or electropunks. Do you like electricity? You’ll like Tesla. Brass gizmos and dangerous currents, dynamos and what I’m pretty sure is a huge Tesla coil at the back of the table. Probably it’s lit during a special round, I dunno.

Like most Zen tables it’s hard to see the ramps, there’s so much contrasty good-looking art everywhere that the actual structure of the table is a fucking mystery, and remains so even after a lot of play time.

Zen Pinball: Tesla Table

Unique feature: diverting ramps. Both ramps have a diverting mechanism so each the output direction alternates right then left.

As usual, the voices are weak, but better than most because there’s fewer of them. Ball saved! is just enthusiastic enough, ball lost sounds comically sad.

No doubt there’s a lot more I need to learn, but initial impressions are favourable. NFG rating: 7/10.

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[ Dec 26 2012 ]



Feb 11 2022

Tesla nice homage to the man of electric

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