[ Jul 29 2015 ]

MiniDisc Frequency Analysis

A bad science look at the frequency recording of Sony’s MD using different methods. Spoiler: it’s complicated!

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[ May 21 2015 ]

Things Samsung Should Fix

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s a brilliant piece of hardware let down by its software. Samsung does not, it seems, give much of a shit about their software. My guess is they would rather not bother with software at all, but because no fool will buy amazing hardware if it doesn’t […]

[ May 21 2015 ]

Samsung Note 4: One More Button

Technically it’s illegal to touch a mobile phone while driving in Queensland, but I figure it’s the lesser of evils when the only legitimate alternative is to ram other cars off the road when a shit song can’t be skipped. So I had to add a button to my Galaxy Note 4 somehow.

[ Jun 2 2014 ]

PC Engine Magazine Retrospective

The rise and fall of the PC Engine, viewed through a 43GB archive of magazine scans.

[ Feb 4 2014 ]

iiNet mailed me a KYP USB key

I received an interesting thing in the mail yesterday, it’s a USB dongle from iiNet, a large Australian ISP.

[ Mar 24 2013 ]

Chinese hackers ate my PC

That time China hacked my computer.

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[ Dec 23 2003 ]

New Video Primer: Complete!

I’ve been working on this for more than three months, but finally figured out how to put it all together coherently tonight. This is a layman’s introduction to a number of different things, starting with different video formats and how they stack up in terms of quality and resolution. There’s also a series of supplemental […]

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