[ Sep 29 2020 ]

Gamecube Review: P. N. 03

P. N. 03 is an unusal game, a methodical, tactical shooter with a hefty dose of action and time-based progression. I like it.

[ Sep 15 2020 ]

Rediscovering: Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

From the archives, a look back at Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts for the Super Nintendo, originally written in 2012.

[ Mar 21 2015 ]

Capcom’s CPS Changer

The nineties were a time of weird and wonderful experimentation in Japan. Not to be left out, Capcom released a weird device that looked a lot like a video game console.

[ Apr 14 2013 ]

Ghouls n Ghosts Sprite History

Capcom’s Ghouls n Ghosts series had some brilliant sprite art. Here’s a look back at Arthur, the series’ protagonist.

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[ Mar 31 2008 ]

Remaking Street Fighter

So Capcom’s remaking their seminal beat-em-up with all-new high-def graphics for the XBox 360 Live Arcade. It’s gonna be the same gameplay we know and love with a glorious new skin. But Capcom’s not alone in doing a Street Fighter remix. While the PC Engine version of Street Fighter 2: CE was the best looking […]

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[ Oct 26 2006 ]

Trials and Tribulations

The other day I had a hankering for some Street Fighter. I don’t actually have Street Fighter for any consoles, so my options were limited to emulation or dragging out some arcade gear and playing it for reals. I decided on the latter – emulation doesn’t compare to the real thing, and after all, I’m […]

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[ Aug 27 2004 ]

Capcom CPS Changer

I’ve recently acquired a Capcom CPS Changer system, a kind of bizarre Capcom console sold to a very few lucky souls. Have a look!