[ Mar 1 2024 ]

Another Great Sell-Off

I’m admitting, finally, that I’ll never play with my treasures as much as I’d prefer, and letting the next person take part in their history. Videogames ahoy!

[ May 29 2023 ]

Taito Egret II Mini Joystick

Taito’s Egret Mini II Console has an optional joystick, and it’s a modern wonder. New and excellent mechanism, and solid construction.

[ Mar 17 2020 ]

Atari 7800 Proline Controller Review

The ProLine was comfortable, if you like crab-claw hands.

[ Mar 16 2020 ]

3D Controllers: The New Era

A brief exploration into the history of 3D controllers from Sega, Nintendo and Sony.

[ Feb 29 2016 ]

SNK Neo Geo CD Pad Review

The SNK Neo Geo CD pad is amazing to hold and fondle, but in use it’s got significant flaws.

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[ Sep 4 2007 ]

A new toy

I was in Japan last week and while I had a fantastic time I didn’t find much to buy. A man can only eat so many メロンパン or メロンソーダ, ya know? I bought a couple of cheap trinkets for the camera, but was otherwise prepared to go home with total expenditures of less than two […]

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[ Apr 2 2006 ]

Exploded N64 Controller

I really wish I had thought of this. Someone’s taken an N64 controller and blown it up, suspending all the components with pieces of wire. It looks fantastic.

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[ May 27 2004 ]

Very sexy controllers from Nuby of all places. has some nice pics to show us.

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[ May 19 2004 ]

Making a Saturn USB pad…

I’ve whipped up a more detailed mod than normal over on, showing in detail how I made a Saturn pad into a USB pad. Have a look-see!

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[ Jan 3 2003 ]

More interesting stuff…

Some misc stuff about Sega, Sammy, and some stuff I done bought.