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[ Jul 23 2004 ]

V-601SH speaker killswitch

My phone makes a loud chime sound whenever I take a picture, as part of an anti-upskirt measure all Japanese cellphone makers adopted. I’m not particularly against this, tho it’d have been nicer if I could choose my own sound… Recently we were taking care of a kitten, a very cute photogenic kitten, and I […]

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[ Jul 11 2004 ]

Another laptop falls!

Today I got sick of the loose power connector on this IBM thinkpad laptop (i-series, model 1445 if you care) so I took it’s ass apart and beat it into repaired submission. The IBM is a piece of junk compared to the Sharp Mebius Muramasa I just finished repairing. It was a nightmare of screws […]

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[ May 19 2004 ]

Making a Saturn USB pad…

I’ve whipped up a more detailed mod than normal over on, showing in detail how I made a Saturn pad into a USB pad. Have a look-see!

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[ May 10 2004 ]

PC Engine CD ROM Mod: Done!

I spent the greater part of my evening putting together a PC Engine CD (with case) system that I could call my own. I pulled out all the stops, with a white (not yellow!) PC Engine system, the cleanest CD ROM I could find, RGB amp, LED swap and region mod. It turned out great, […]

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[ May 8 2004 ]

Lots of time spent on new hacks.

Remember that speaker killswitch I made for my celphone? It was externally ugly so I remade it with a different switch and a button I ripped out of a dummy (demo) phone I bought at a surplus shop. It looks damned near factory now, shame it works in reverse now – no sound unless I […]

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[ Mar 9 2004 ]

Today’s tech fun!

Tonight I spent some time putting the finishing touches on an X68000 power supply repair. Once I got it all finished and put it together, it failed to function. Turns out the floppy drives were dead. Let this be a lesson unto you: If your power supply blows, and they often do with these awesome […]

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[ Jan 8 2003 ]

Neo Geo Video System Detailed

I’ve made a comprehensive list of differences between old and new Neo Geo cartridge hardware. Please have a look. Warning: Technical!

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