[ Jul 9 2024 ]

Joystick Modding: Hori Fighting Stick SS

I love me some joysticks. I’ve got a large collection of the silly things, and I like to poke at their guts, tinker with the setup, and swap parts when the urge strikes. This time I put new Seimitsu parts in a 1994 Hori Fighting Stick SS.

[ Jun 21 2024 ]

Rediscovering: Old joysticks

In 2024, joystick maker Seimitsu’s catalogue starts at part number LS-32. In the 80s, they made a rotating ‘loop lever’ joystick, used in SNK’s Ikari Warriors arcade games, which was the LS-30. But I recently found a joystick that has a lower part number than that, and it doesn’t seem like it exists on the internet. Which is interesting!

[ Jan 15 2024 ]

3D Printing: 8-way gate for Hori VX Sticks

A 3D printable octo-gate for Hori’s XBox 360 or PS3 VX sticks.

[ Jan 11 2024 ]

3D Printing: Replacement Hinge for Hori Joystick

Hori makes some amazing joysticks, but the convenience of a storage compartment in some of them is marred by the their fragility. I whipped up a tiny device that replaces the outside hinge post of a Hori RAP V stick.

[ Jan 8 2024 ]

KEIKOU Control Panel

I bought a New Astro City cabinet that needed a lot of work on the control panel. I stripped it down, got the rust off, primed and painted it, then added a custom dark overlay and installed Seimitsu’s KEIKOU (fluorescent) buttons and Bulett knobs. It’s hard to photograph but it looks gorgeous in person.

[ May 29 2023 ]

Taito Egret II Mini Joystick

Taito’s Egret Mini II Console has an optional joystick, and it’s a modern wonder. New and excellent mechanism, and solid construction.

[ Dec 23 2022 ]

Joystick Tomfoolery

A brief hardware post talking about arcade joysticks from Sanwa, Seimitsu and Hori.

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[ Mar 10 2004 ]

Anatomy of a Joystick

I’ve put together a page on the Anatomy of a Joystick, the first in a series of articles about controls (I hope!). Enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything that might need to be changed.