Gastric Atony

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Gastric Atony:

(Perhaps also known as gastroptosis). It’s a condition where the stomach is far lower than normal, and quite a bit stretched as a result of it. The stomach becomes weaker and more prone to hyperacidity resulting in heartburn. Typical symptoms also include continuous indigestion, and rough, dry skin as the stomach is unable to absorb enough nutrients in this condition. A small meal will make you feel full. It can be easily diagnosed with an X-ray.

Gastric Atony appears to mimic many of the results of overeating and overdrinking, overwork, insecurity and stress, and indeed these can trigger the same effects in a person with this affliction. It is not a disease, but a condition one might be born with. Often symptoms never appear, but once they do recurrances are easily achieved and can be long lasting.

Recovery begins with proper eating of foods that do not upset the stomach, not drinking, avoiding stress and generally relaxing.

Basically it’s endless heartburn unless you live on a diet of milk and bread.

[ Sep 8 2005 ]

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