Mar 17 2020

Atari 7800 Proline Controller Review

The ProLine was comfortable, if you like crab-claw hands.

Mar 16 2020

3D Controllers: The New Era

A brief exploration into the history of 3D controllers from Sega, Nintendo and Sony.

Mar 9 2020

Linux USB Backup

I had the idea to automatically create a backup of my Linux webserver every time I plugged a USB stick into it. Surprisingly it worked!

Oct 13 2019

Rediscovering: Demon’s Crest

Demon’s Crest was overlooked in its day, but it remains one of the most sumptuous action titles for the Super NES.

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Jul 2 2019

My Old Day Job: Final Update

Several years after I quite the insanity job, I helped close it down. It ended in perfect company style: with disorganization, disinterest and chaos.

Mar 17 2019

Face Blindness

A friend of mine discovered, as an adult, that she’s been face blind her whole life. It was a remarkable and powerful discovery.

Jul 10 2018

Multiple Mastodon Instances on a Single Server

Back when I still ran a Mastodon server, I had a brief need to run two of them on one server. With Gargron’s help, I worked out how.

Apr 10 2018

Beautiful Rant: My Life

Gravis rants about stuff that really does suck. It’s good.

Apr 5 2018

Importing Illegal Firearms

A friend sent me a toy pistol, and Australian customs was unimpressed. This spring-loaded toy was, apparently, a legitimate firearm and fuck no I couldn’t have it.

Mar 18 2018

Case Insensitive Last Resort 404 Page

I’ve been running my webserver on Windows for a long time, and moving to Linux meant that a whole lot of files were coming up 404 because they had upper or lower case filenames and the page that referenced them didn’t match. This 404 script for nginx fixes that.

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