[ Sep 29 2020 ]

Gamecube Review: P. N. 03

P. N. 03 is an unusal game, a methodical, tactical shooter with a hefty dose of action and time-based progression. I like it.

[ Jun 1 2020 ]

Geometry Wars 2

In 2008, Bizarre Creations released the first decent sequel to Robotron, a game 26 years its senior.

[ May 31 2020 ]

Review: Astro Boy [GBA]

In every young robot’s life there comes a time when he must venture forth on a journey of self discovery and tumultuous kickass. This GBA game from Sega and Treasure is such a time.

[ May 29 2020 ]

Review: Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA)

Everyone’s favourite fat plumber returns to battle that great ape one more time.

[ Feb 21 2018 ]

Rediscovering: Whirlo

This game is bad in ways I honestly can’t believe.

[ Sep 5 2017 ]

A quick look at the Godox AD-200 ‘Pocket Flash’

After two and a half years all my Cactus lights started breaking down, so I tried the shiny new Godox AD200 lights, and they’re really great.

[ Aug 24 2016 ]

Ricoh Theta S Review

The Ricoh Theta S is a great, tiny little device that takes a spherical 360-degree image in one go.

[ Feb 29 2016 ]

SNK Neo Geo CD Pad Review

The SNK Neo Geo CD pad is amazing to hold and fondle, but in use it’s got significant flaws.

[ Feb 25 2014 ]

Book Review: Influx, by Daniel Suarez

I’m a very fussy reader. I require my stories to be smart, and the characters in them to be relatable. When a story’s premise is daft, I can ignore it for the sake of a rollicking good yarn, but if the people are stupid I can’t continue for long. It’s the same for movies, which […]

[ Apr 12 2013 ]

Android Review: Into the Dead

A quick look at a fun, short Android Zombie killin’ game.

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