[ Feb 25 2014 ]

Book Review: Influx, by Daniel Suarez

I’m a very fussy reader. I require my stories to be smart, and the characters in them to be relatable. When a story’s premise is daft, I can ignore it for the sake of a rollicking good yarn, but if the people are stupid I can’t continue for long. It’s the same for movies, which […]

[ Apr 12 2013 ]

Android Review: Into the Dead

A quick look at a fun, short Android Zombie killin’ game.

[ Mar 3 2013 ]

Nichijou – Utter Insanity

As mentioned previously I’ve been ill, and spending a lot of time watching things I normally wouldn’t have time for. Like Youtube. It’s there that I stumbled across an AMV (go watch it, I’ll wait) that mixes one of my favourite songs with scenes from what appeared to be the most insane anime I’ve ever […]

[ Mar 3 2013 ]

Tron Uprising

I’ve been sick with the flu, and when I’m not regretting being born, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Downloading it, mostly, ’cause most of what’s on the actual TV is pretty amazingly bad. While scouring the ol’ HDD, I found a few old Tron Uprising vids and fed them into the queue. I’d […]

[ Jan 26 2013 ]

Android Tablet: Samsung Note 10.1 Review

As a follow-up to the Android Phone thread, here’s the tablet thread!  I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and I am unbelievably happy with it.  It’s only running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it’s relatively low-res for a 10-inch device at 1280 x 800, but it’s got the quad-core Exynos chip and […]

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[ Jan 23 2013 ]

RAW Converter Showdown

Over on DPReview there’s a 3-way comparison between DxO Optics, Lightroom and my favourite, Capture One. Check it out and if you already use one of these apps, be sure to have your confirmation bias locked and loaded.

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

10 Years Ago: Korokoro Post Nin

Another ten year old game review: KoroKoro Post Nin, one of the first Playstation’s last releases: a Cameltry clone with incredibly cute style and gameplay that justified its $35 price tag. Barely.

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

MegaDrive Review: Herzog Zwei

Originally published on NFGGames in 2001, updated in 2008 for Insomnia and, I think, destined for the one-issue-and-dead GameGo magazine… ‘Herzog Zwei’ means “Dukes Two” in German, the title indicating not only that this is a two-player game, but that it’s also the sequel to Herzog, an even more obscure title for the Japanese MSX […]

[ Jan 23 2013 ]

Ten Years Ago: Cool Cool Toon

From the archives, a review of what might be fallen-giant SNK’s last attempt at something almost entirely original (ignoring for a moment it was a rhythm game with a style that looks very familiar…). Cool Cool Toon was a Dreamcast game that did everything right and still managed to suck.

[ Jan 19 2013 ]

Android Review: Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot Pinball

Sometimes things surprise you. On the Zen Pinball forums someone mentioned this Rob-O-Bot pinball game and said favourable things about it. Others agreed, the developer chimed in, and so I went and had a look. I had seen the developer’s other games in Google Play, and been unimpressed. They looked… Amateurish. Maybe they were awesome, […]

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