Arcade Fonts: Only 64 Pixels

by NFG - 4th October 2016 in Games

In just about every game ever made scores, instructions, alerts, and the gentle invitation to insert some currency and play need to be conveyed to the player. Typically the quickest way is via the usual alphabet and symbols, and so […]

Repairing Robotron

by NFG - 15th January 2014 in Games, Hard Hackin, Hardware

As far as I’m concerned the best game ever made is Robotron, an 8-bit arcade game from 1982. Two joysticks, no buttons, and more than a hundred baddies on a single screen. It’s intense and it’s awesome. My PCB has […]

Tales from the Arcade

by NFG - 4th August 2013 in Games, Japan

I’m on holiday in Japan, where the retro game scene has imploded upon itself, and so my thoughts turn with a distinctly rose-tinted nostalgia to my own gaming history.  Things were, as you young whippersnappers must know by now, so […]

WonderBoy Sprite History

by NFG - 5th April 2013 in Games

This is one of a series of articles about sprite histories (see: Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Bonk, and MegaMan). There’s an updated version of this page right here!

Some slightly more up to date arcade news

by toby - 2nd November 2006 in Games

Afterburner Climax (which is either Sega’s new arcade game or a jet powered vibrator) is currently on public location test in Club Sega Shinjuku in Japan until the 12th Feb. If you can make it there it’s probably worth a […]

Greetings (and arcade goings on…)

by toby - 2nd November 2006 in Games

So, I’m Toby from System16, NFG’s talked me into posting at his site so I better actually post something before he shows the photos of me, the milk, the llama and the shower. I’ve probably crossed that invisible line again […]

Trials and Tribulations

by NFG - 26th October 2006 in Games

The other day I had a hankering for some Street Fighter. I don’t actually have Street Fighter for any consoles, so my options were limited to emulation or dragging out some arcade gear and playing it for reals. I decided […]

Blasts from Ye Olde Pasts!

by NFG - 15th February 2006 in Games

These posts are really old, but it might be worth revisiting. They came to the fore again curing the conversion of the old archives. There’s some pictures (most with boobies) of the lovely new Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book. A Herzog […]

A few new updates

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

I did a comparison of all three of Namco’s Galaga ’88 ports: PC Engine, X68000 and Arcade. If you like, you can click here. I picked up PacPix and Meteos for Nintendo’s DS yesterday, and there’ll be a review of […]

Spriggan Powered JAMMA PCB

by NFG - 3rd September 2004 in Games

A very rare, possibly unreleased arcade game called Spriggan Powerd, was recently sold on Yahoo’s Japanese auction site, and it cleared a thousand dollars in bidding, making it one of the most expensive PCBs in the world. There are some […]