May 31 2020

Review: Astro Boy [GBA]

In every young robot’s life there comes a time when he must venture forth on a journey of self discovery and tumultuous kickass. This GBA game from Sega and Treasure is such a time.

May 30 2020

Douglas Coupland’s 2010 Predictions

Back in 2010 Douglas Coupland predicted the next ten years. Now in 2020 I’m having another look.

May 29 2020

Flip and Flop (Atari 800)

Flip and Flop is the very best kind of video game. It’s cute, fast, challenging, and it makes your brain hate your eyes and you’ll curse your worthless hands.

May 29 2020

Review: Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA)

Everyone’s favourite fat plumber returns to battle that great ape one more time.

May 29 2020

NFG as you’ve never seen him before!

A long time ago I was asked to write for a game magazine, and they hired an Actual Artist to draw ‘NFG’.

May 28 2020

Shooting Game Heroes

A look back at the entirety of shooter history, from Space Invaders to the future!

May 28 2020

NFG’s Amazing World Famous EDGE logo

A long time ago, c. 1989, I created a logo and a lot of people around the world used it, or one just like it, since then.


We did this to ourselves.

Every culture has to give way to something in the end. Someone fresher and sharper always comes along. But we fucking did this to ourselves. We let the grasping, hating, fearing idiot dregs of our own society tip us right over the fucking precipice.

–Richard Morgan, from the novel Black Man

May 19 2020

Build Log: Retrofitting a NeXT Cube

The NeXT computer is a beautiful, crazy thing. I wanted to use the case for a computer that wasn’t slow while simply existing. Herein lies the epic journey: putting a modern monster in a cubic foot PC case.

Mar 17 2020

Atari 7800 Proline Controller Review

The ProLine was comfortable, if you like crab-claw hands.

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