May 19 2020

Build Log: Retrofitting a NeXT Cube

The NeXT computer is a beautiful, crazy thing. I wanted to use the case for a computer that wasn’t slow while simply existing. Herein lies the epic journey: putting a modern monster in a cubic foot PC case.

Mar 17 2020

Atari 7800 Proline Controller Review

The ProLine was comfortable, if you like crab-claw hands.

Mar 16 2020

3D Controllers: The New Era

A brief exploration into the history of 3D controllers from Sega, Nintendo and Sony.

Mar 9 2020

Linux USB Backup

I had the idea to automatically create a backup of my Linux webserver every time I plugged a USB stick into it. Surprisingly it worked!

Oct 13 2019

Rediscovering: Demon’s Crest

Demon’s Crest was overlooked in its day, but it remains one of the most sumptuous action titles for the Super NES.

placeholder image
Jul 2 2019

My Old Day Job: Final Update

Several years after I quite the insanity job, I helped close it down. It ended in perfect company style: with disorganization, disinterest and chaos.

Mar 17 2019

Face Blindness

A friend of mine discovered, as an adult, that she’s been face blind her whole life. It was a remarkable and powerful discovery.

Jul 10 2018

Multiple Mastodon Instances on a Single Server

Back when I still ran a Mastodon server, I had a brief need to run two of them on one server. With Gargron’s help, I worked out how.

Apr 10 2018

Beautiful Rant: My Life

Gravis rants about stuff that really does suck. It’s good.

Apr 5 2018

Importing Illegal Firearms

A friend sent me a toy pistol, and Australian customs was unimpressed. This spring-loaded toy was, apparently, a legitimate firearm and fuck no I couldn’t have it.

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