[ Jan 15 2024 ]

3D Printing: 8-way gate for Hori VX Sticks

A 3D printable octo-gate for Hori’s XBox 360 or PS3 VX sticks.

[ Jan 11 2024 ]

3D Printing: Replacement Hinge for Hori Joystick

Hori makes some amazing joysticks, but the convenience of a storage compartment in some of them is marred by the their fragility. I whipped up a tiny device that replaces the outside hinge post of a Hori RAP V stick.

[ Jan 4 2024 ]

Retrofitting a NeXT Cube: Take Two

You might remember the first time I tried to shove a mATX PC into a NeXT Cube

[ Jan 2 2024 ]

3D Printing: Credit buttons for arcade cabs

I recently picked up a 3D printer, after borrowing one for a few days and having a great time with with it. My second project is a pair of coin input mechanisms for SNK and Sega arcade cabinets.

[ Jan 2 2024 ]

Arcade Control Panels and Etc

I’ve been getting back into my arcade bullshit lately, and I’ve started putting together a little repository of information about control panels, joysticks and adaptors for them. There’s a page on the wiki which will lead you to all the details.